Multi-lingual support sites

We collected multi-lingual support sites related to Fukushima-Prefecture.
(last update : Dec 10, 2018)

English support sitesMulti-lingual support sites
中通り: 県北県中県南
会津 : 会津南会津
浜通り: 相双いわき
中通り: 県北県中県南
会津 : 会津南会津
浜通り: 相双いわき

■English support sites

JAPAN:the Official Guide Official site of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), featuring vacation spots, food, travel information and more.
Agency for Cultural Affairs What’s Japanese Culture?
DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN the three prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki.
Exploration to the Deep North of Japan This website is maintained by the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization.
Fukushima Revitalization Station Fukushima Prefectural Govt.,Japan
The Fukushima Prefecture brochure This brochure introduces the work being done within Fukushima post-disaster as well as general background into the prefecture in Japanese and English.
Tourism Information Of Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association
Fukushima Sake Story Sake from Fukushima Prefecture awarded most Gold Prizes in “Annual Japan Sake Awards” for 6 years in a row as of 2018
REDISCOVER FUKUSHIMA Follow my journey exploring Fukushima Prefecture, one place at a time.
Voice of Fukushima Friends Fukushima-Prefecture International affairs division Home page
Fukushima International Association Our hearts are Connected & Fukushima Welcomes the world.
Fukushima Guide Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association
Accessible Travel Fukushima Accessible Travel Fukushima shares barrier free information primarily on accommodation facilities, tourist spots, wheelchair-accessible toilets and public transport within Fukushima Prefecture with a focus on Fukushima City.
FUKUNAKA15 A multilingual tourist information website for tourists visiting central Fukushima
Abukuma Cave Welcome to Abukuma Cave.Naturally formed beauty created over the course of 80 million years.Enjoy this mysterious and impressive underground fantasy world.
Lake of the Heart Inawashiro This is a promotional site to introduce Lake Inawashiro
Town of HANAWA Fukushima Prefecture,Japan
AIZU JAPAN Tourism Guide The Aizu Area is located on the west side of Fukushima Prefecture in the southern part of the Tohoku Region of Japan.
Samurai City AIZUWAKAMATSU Please visit Tsuruga castle,Samurai Residence,Shinsengumi Memorial Hall etc.
VISIT AIZU Boost your “Japan” experience in Aizu!
Aizu Wakamatsu International Association Expanding Aizu,Expanding Your World.
Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association Experience the splendor of nature as it’s depicted on the ancient hanging scrolls.
Higashiyama Onsen Tourism Association Official Web Site A town where you can encounter the past- welcome to the Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Village.
Aizumisato Travel Guide The town of Aizumisato both boasts abundant nature and a deep history.
Oku Aizu, home of seasonal tradition and events OkuAizu, the home of traditional events is located in the southwestern part of Fukushima Prefecture.
Minamisoma International Association for foreigners living in Minamisoma
Oze Hinoemata Onsen tourist association It is Oze Hinoemata Onsen tourist association formula Web site.
IWAKI INFORMATION Iwaki City is located in Fukushima in the Tohoku region of Japan.
Iwaki Lalamew Traveling to Onahama in Iwaki-city feeling the sea breeze from the pacific ocean.

■Other languages

福島 認識福島 日本全國面積第三大縣。(大約50個台北,將近五分之二的台灣)
Welovefukushima Site for Thailand

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